Sunday, September 10, 2017

Art Vibration - 472

Art Teacher On Path Of RTI 

Friends you  know every student need a right teacher for his/her  life growth , without a right teacher a student live always in confusion or blindness  . we world people have fixed a special day for our Teacher in our yearly calendar .we are calling to that day Teachers Day .

Dr, Shyam Bihari Agarwal in dress black cote -  tie , Group photo of Allahabad University campus ..
So it is fact teacher is very important for each one student about his/her right education . in philosophical view we are saying it , the condition is our life teacher , yes I agree to this philosophy. but in real life or about contemporary life education we need a right teacher in our life . its lots of examples we have in our History to till today, for right education we need a right teacher , then student can get right condition  for his /her life design . 

The post of teacher is very respective in our world culture,  its rank is very high in our world . A teacher can change to world and your life by his /her right education or that’s transformation . a teacher is planting to knowledge in students minds  , A teacher is giving  vision or  process of thinking, to his /her students , A Teacher can design to his /her students as master/doctor  in their Subjects . over all without teacher students can’t get right education it is universal truth or our world is accepting it  .

By my teacher support or guide line I am master in my art education . this master degree I  got from my Rajasthan School of Art , Jaipur year 2005. Today I am discussing  to some art students in their exam time, I am calling to them my junior not  my students  , they are trying to know about right art education  by my support or by support of art books . so I am giving help to them as a senior or you can say a short time teacher for their exam time .

When I was student of art , I was facing trouble  by  art books , I am hindi medium based artist , my education was in hindi medium , but in Hindi medium I could not read any right book with right art information . I know I have masters by that Art Books but that’s language or  information of Art History was making confusion for me . kind  your information in hindi medium art education we have very short listed books , you can laugh in this next talk .. I was started my fine art education  after 10th class in 11th class or in 12th class I read a same book and I did cleared my 12th .  after that I went in Collage there by two books I have completed  my four years degree that’s name is B.F.A painting . after B.F.A  in master I did read again that same books of  my B.F.A. Degree is funny , critical or something wrong , but the problem is , no much more writer in Hindi for art history /art historian  . I faced that and here in rajasthan that condition is still with new students because no books in hindi with right art information.

This year  in May – June 2017 ,my junior came for art Study, That time  I felt some angry  on that old hindi art books . I wrote a article on that and posted to Editor of  Rupship art magazine , Allahabad . the Editor of Rupshil Dr. Shyam Bihari Agarwal was noticed to  my tens matter about right book of art information . he was posted me a message with a image , in that image I saw two books of Hindi , that was on Indian Art History . Dr. Shyam  Bihari Agarwal was told to me  you read this books  it is better for art students , he said art student can get right information by this books , he has  wrote to History of INDIA PAINTING in two part . 

 Kind  your information Senior Dr. Shyam Bihari Agarwal is art doctor , teacher and a good painter in wash painting , he has completed his art education from Allahabad University  and he has given art teaching service in Allahabad University till 2003  . I know him because he is in my facebook friend list .

Last Month Dr.Shyam Bihari Agarwal was posted me his three books for  my reading , I pay him his books cost . when I received his good printed Hindi art books , I felt happy , because first  time I have buy to art books after  my masters for collect to right art information  in  Hindi language or for easy study of  my Juniors at Bikaner .

Dr. Shyam Bihari Agarwal have wrote to his research of Indian Painting or that’s History in very fine hindi language , he has wrote in full detail to his art subject in very easy Hindi language . so any student can read and understand very easily . this is a very good point of His book . 

Dr. Shyam Bihari Agarwal  with his two books of History of Indian painting 
Yesterday I have completed his one book you can say part one of his book * History of  Indian Painting *.
Really I missed this book in  my art education  time , by one or two books to I have completed  my art education it is very funny or critical about  my art education so I can say I did not got right art teacher and art education from  my Rajasthan School of art or in other words the rajasthan university was not done hard exercise for their art students or art education . it is  my own view after read to book of Dr. Shyam Bihari Agarwal .

Dr. Shyam Bihari Agarwal has wrote to full history of art with stories of that time periods , so  his book is giving two type  education by one book , one is art education second is historical education of Indian  history . his books are  complete package for art students for collect to right art information of INDIA , I felt it after read his book then I am telling it with full confidence . it is true ..

 So here I said about Dr.Shyam Bihari Agarwal , art teacher on path of RTI …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Art Vibration - 471

One More Natural Canvas  Is Ready For Natural Painting

Farming is in our family blood , by time condition we family members are busy in other works about our life, but in our conscious we know our family work, that is farming . many farms we Have in our Madkotadi purohit family . in my view , I am seeing that as a  natural canvas in each one family of our Madkotadi Purohit family . 

The father of  my late great Grandfather ( shree Bulakidas purohit ) Late Shree Shivratan Purohit was a farmer. he was farming in his full life so one farm in our family , my late great grandfather Shree Bulakidas Purohit was not done farming work in his life as a farmer but he was very much  interested in farming work . in his last stage of life , he was handover his farm to my parent , my father shree vijay Shankar purohit is retired worker of Electricity board of Rajasthan  . so he is investing his time and money in our farming work to last five years and I am supporting to him in that work as a side job or main job of  my art work . 
I told to you my family job is not a job for me , I am taking that as a art work , for me farming work is like a art work  a painting work . I expressed about it in last post on this art vibration blog ,so I will not rewrite that .

Here I want to share a one more new story of our family . the late cousin bother of my late great grandfather  Shree Shivdayal Purohit was  handover his farm to his son . his son. Mr. Chandra Kumar Purohit is a web designer . but his education is in agriculture , he is gold medalist in apple farming , but his farm in desert site and there water sores is only rain just like our farm . but agriculture or that’s academic education he have in his vision .it is plus point for our family . 

So this year Mr. Chandra Kumar Purohit   was showing his interest in his farm . he was called to me about his farm in this rain time . I did showed  my interest in his farming interest  so he was final a day for farming work at his farm . I did visited his very fine farm location , his farm on a dooms so clay is very fresh and water storage system is naturally in that dooms by nature blessing . 

First I was  visited his farm, that was looking like a rough canvas,  because last 20 years to that farm was not used in farming work , so there I saw only grass and grass . by luck I found a right farm keeper there near  his farm , he was agreed for care to new farming work as a care taker,  so next day we did started farming work on that farm land of our madkotadi family . 

When there work was started in that time I  thought  a new natural canvas is getting a right form for natural painting . 

In visuals you will see to right condition of that natural canvas . 

I felt happy when we finished to farming work or in my words a new start of natural painting on our natural canvas . 
Now after 30 days there new green leafs are come out from farm clay . for me  it is just a non profit work , but as a family culture ( farming work ) I think it is  my big profit , because one more family member of our madkotadi purohit family come in this family culture  Job . about care to nature by our  farm land or by our farming work . with vision of our family that is nature care taker …

I saw there live , a natural canvas was getting new step for natural painting after 20 years was surprising for me or for mr. Chandra kumar purohit .

 So here I said about it , one more natural canvas is ready for natural painting …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Art Vibration - 470

Craftmenship Is Improve To Creativity of Child Artist
“ It’s Prove”

Friends we know art is with us from our born on this earth . we can’t live far to this important part of our life , yes art is our soul power or art can design to our soul sound from our self activity , we are calling to that painting, dance , performance ,singing , writing , cooking and much more title’s  we have in our dictionary . 

We know many great masters were  started art activity in his/ her life from his /her childhood age . so it is very important for life design we start art activity in kids life  from his /her childhood age . actually art activity is develop to mind of kids and when a kid start to art activity in form of craft then ,we can call to that kid child artist . because he /she is following to his/her soul sound in form of art through  his/ her art activity .,. 

I am telling about it because I have completed a exercise with kids , now after that live art activity they all kids are come in list of Child artist of our world. 

In Indian Mythology we are following to god instructions  about peaceful life, we are celebrate to birthday of our god . but it is surprising for us we are not pointed to death anniversary of our god. because our god is unlimited or  continue with us in our imagination or vision for trust of our soul and life. 

So in birth celebration of God Krishna this month my studio yogendra art and Designing Studio organized a Installation art work , I invited to kids of  my colony , they kids were showed his /her art interest in Installation of Janmashtami Jhanki for lord Krishna . 

 I provided space and medium with a task , I told to kids we will not invest money in this art activity but we will invest our mind energy then our creativity will give to us many new ideas and art items , actually I inspired to kids for craftmenship .

16th kids of my colony were joined to my art and craft project and in very short time they were created a very fine installation at my home . as a senior I gave some ideas and motivation for art and craft to kids , I gave some ideas for paper craft then kids were created many craft work by card paper and they were displayed in that installation . that was a live art and craft exhibition of hidden art of  child artists of my colony .  so that  art exhibition or exposing work credit goes to my Yogendra art and designing Studio .( its Self Motivation ..Sorry ) ..

You know  kids were played to clay they were created hills , by wet clay , they were created paper huts and by dray send dust they were created small dooms . over all in four days the kids of my colony were  lived busy to his/her  mind for installation art . they were created many ideas and transferred to that in his /her craft form . that art exercise was surprising for them itself . you can say it is magical sound of art , art always surprise to artist and art viewers or art lovers too.

Kind  your information yogegndra art and Designing Studio was gave merit certificate and Medal to all 15 th child artist of Janmashtami Jhanki . without taken any kind of fees to kids . 

The name of Child Artist of My Colony is :- Mater Ravi Suthar, Master Vishal Suthar , Master Rahul Soni , Master Sanjay  Sain, Master Mahesh Suthar, Master Jaikishan Suthar , master Ramswroop Bhutiya , master Ranveer Suthar, master Durgashankar Suthar, Master Krishnam Vyas ,master Mohit Suthar ,master Prabjot shing, master Manjot Shing ,master Bhavesh Suthar , Master Sourabh Joshi ,  Miss kanika Ranga .

Here in a video presentation and visuals  you can see the real live craftmenship of child artist of  my colony . they were  really committed for janmashtami jhanki and their commitment was showing their craftmenship or creativity . 

So here I said ..Craftmenship Is Improve To Creativity of Child Artist “ It’s Prove”

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA